Kanvonix Soft Solutions is specialized in IT solutions. Kanvonix Soft Solutions is a leading provider of Offshore Web Development Software Development and Software Testing solutions, develops Web-based custom applications for E-commerce, online marketing and other operations. We have high end professionals in Programming Services , web application development, website development, and website database solutions development. We are a first-class offshore software development company in India , Offshore Application development, Search Engine Optimization India, Multimedia and Website Design Solutions, Bulk SMS and WAP Development in India.

Portal Development:

Kanvonix is software developers and consultants, along with our global network of partners, bring experience, real-world perspective, and a practical attitude to your Web project. We have designed and developed multi dimensional web portals; B2B (Business to Business) Portal, B2C (Business to Consumer) Portal, E-Commerce Portal. Our Professional portal services include

    * Portal Consulting Services
    * Portal Design
    * Portal Development and Implementation
    * Customizing applications for a particular business process
    * Enhancing existing software products
    * Producing new portal solutions
    * Integrating third party applications into a portal architecture
Undertake portal design according to categorized needs of clients, like portal development for Communities, e-Marketplace, Auction Portals, Vertical Portals solutions, etc.

A portal is a Website offering a wide variety of resources, services and links. Developing a portal is a challenging work as it requires good analysis and design of the system and requires complex coding. Yahoo!, Lycos, and AltaVista are examples of famous web sites. We design and develop a portal that it is user-friendly and easy to manage. 

Website portal design needs to be dynamic so it can grab and maintain the interest of visitors. Due to large traffic, your portal has to offer something new and unique that will keep visitors coming back for more. One way of doing this is by web portal development that offers a host of features such as surveys, chat pages, newsletters, resource directories, foreign language versions, discussion boards, online tests, quizzes, communities , emails and even free software! With professional web site portal design and development the possibilities are endless.

Our company believes that portal development is a multi-dimensional activity and requires expertise at many levels. Due to this reason we design and develop different kinds of web portals. To begin with there are the business-to-business called B2B portals that are usually used by wholesale suppliers; then there are business-to-consumer portals that are called B2C. In addition to these are the Social Networking Portals, Real Estate Portals, e-Market place Portal Solutions, Travel and Tourism Portals, Job Portals, Enterprise Portals and even Custom Portal Solutions that are based on the business models at the conceptual stage.

Portal Development Solutions:
    * Business to Business Portals - commonly called B2B Portals - wholesale suppliers use them
    * Business to Consumer Portals - commonly called B2C Portals - consumers to business
    * Social Networking Portals
    * Travel and Tourism Portals
    * Real Estate Portals
    * Job Portals
    * E-Market place Portal Solutions
    * Enterprise Portals
    * Custom Portal Solutions based on conceptual business models.

Contact us to further explore how our portal consulting, design, and development services can help you gain efficiency and competitive E-Business advantages, yet stay within your budget.

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