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. Net Application Development: ( Microsoft .NET Development)

         The Microsoft .NET Framework and Active Server Pages .NET (ASP.Net) allow developers to create world-class Web applications and Web services quickly and easily. Web applications built within the .NET Framework can integrate with any operating system running on any device. Many different programming technologies and supported languages have been developed to create Web applications; PHP, JSP (using Java), CGI (using Perl), and ColdFusion (using CFML) are just a few of the more popular ones. Rather than tying you to a specific technology and language. Web services are reusable component applications that enable distributed computing on the Internet, using standard protocols like HTTP and XML. Developers conversant in .NET can now deliver more dynamic applications to market more quickly .NET framework allows architects, analysts and developers to spend more time and effort focusing on their client's business issues and less time wrestling with the limitations of the technology itself.

What We Offer?
    .Migration of Applications to .NET
    .NET Architecture and Design evaluation
    .NET Custom Control Development
    .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
    .NET Software Product Development Web Services based
    .NET Application Development
.    Migration of application from .NET

So one can author applications in any .NET compatible language, including vb.net, C# and Jscript.NET . We work with your business to understand your requirements and demonstrate the capabilities of .NET framework and develop the system to the requirements.Our professionals are expertise in ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, MS SQL 2000/2005, MS Access, Visual Basic 5/6.

We also write all types of scripts needed for web site functions in the same languages. Scripting functions range from simple email scripts to small search programs to data-tracking programs to complete data web programming upgrades.

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