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E-mail Marketing Services:

Email marketing is a new step in the process of promoting new products, urgent sales, interesting offers and revolutionary discounts. This tool presupposes a direct contact with the target-group through the means of electronic mail, provides complete, cost-effective permission email marketing solutions.

Email marketing can:
  • Generate brand awareness and exposure
  • Generate new leads
  • Reinforce customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Reinforce brand position

Our customized email marketing solutions range from providing basic account set-up to developing and managing email marketing campaigns, provides two types of E-mail marketing services. One is direct e-mail marketing and second one is Retention e-mail marketing.

Direct e-mail marketing

As the name implies, the direct e-mail marketing strategy involves sending promotional offers or announcements through e-mail to a list of prospective customers, which is usually procured from different service companies. These e-mails can be targeted ones, as these service companies, on request, also provide data relevant to geographical locations, interests of customers and so on. If you think you can populate prospective customer's e-mail addresses that can also be done.

Retention e-mail marketing

Instead of sending e-mails that just feature marketing messages, these e-mails also consist of content that aims at developing an impact resulting in long-term relationship with the customer. These e-mails are in the form of newsletters that provide value to the readers - in other words, providing useful information other than just marketing messages. These e-mails are named as retention e-mails as they try to build a healthy relationship with the user and retain them.

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